White label - a concept that involves one company producing products or services under another company's brand, as if it were manufactured by the company that owns the brand.

White Label History

The name white label comes from the days when vinyl records were produced with a white (blank) label which could then be branded by the selling company. Very often promotional copies of the records were sent to radio DJ s and nightclubs before the official release of records in white packaging to generate public interest and to better determine future production volumes. Packaging design was developed before the records were released in mass production, after determining the sentiment of the listeners. Sometimes the term was applied to records whose packaging was torn off or covered with a white label so that competing DJ s would not know which records they were using.
On the Internet, the White Label Affiliate System was first used in 2001, when an online cell phone sales site offered other companies a re-branded version of its website. Companies were given the opportunity to register on the site, sell cell phones and receive a commission .

Using White Label

White Label strategies are often used for mass-produced electronics, consumer products, and software packages.
Some websites use the White Label concept so that successful brands can offer services without additional investment in technology and infrastructure.

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