Producing an animated video is a complex process, each step requiring attention to all the details. If one step is not completed, the rest of the video may not produce the expected results.

Step 1: Introducing

Any collaboration begins with an introduction. You tell us about your clients-what videos they like best, what they expect from them. We suggest styles that your clients would like better.
Once we've gotten to know you, all future projects will start with a different step.

Step 2: Scriptwriting

If you or your client doesn't have a script, we can help. We have experience telling stories that stick in the mind, but we tailor our text to the unique ideas of each individual brand. By telling your story, we build the foundation for a great video.

Step 3: Storyboard and Design

Once the script is produced, we'll create style and design boards based on your brand's unique style and tone. We take the time to create a video sketches to ensure we create the perfect images. Once our style is approved, we move on to the illustration phase. Combining sketches and design, we create illustrations for the upcoming video.
After that, we start working on creating the storyboard.

Step 4: Animation + Sound Design

When everything else is perfect, we bring the video to life! It's hard work - thousands of fragments reassembled into moving parts...
We talk about careful design, so you get detailed, first-rate animated graphics.
To make your final video attractive and appealing to viewers, we can use a combination of different styles. By adding detailed character animation or 3d model, we have the ability to bring the craziest ideas to life.

We make the first version of the video already with a music track and a special SFX.
This adds the final touch to the animated explainer video. We create a unique video atmosphere by combining visual effects with sound effects and background music. SFX is an important step in animation, creating a mood and holding the viewer's attention longer.

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